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 PH/APS Special Collection- Lewis and Clark (1)
 PH General Collection (38)
 PH General Collection- Algae (12)
 PH General Collection- Bryophytes (2563)
 PH General Collection- Bryophytes, Hepatics (714)
 PH General Collection- Bryophytes, Mosses (6075)
 PH General Collection- Fungi (60)
 PH General Collection- Lichens (738)
 PH General Collection- Pteridophytes (294)
 PH General Collection- Spermatophytes (4703)
 PH Special Collection (17)
 PH Special Collection- Banks and Solander (1)
 PH Special Collection- Barton, Benjamin Smith (7)
 PH Special Collection- Lambert, A. (518)
 PH Special Collection- Lich. Amer. Sept. (5)
 PH Special Collection- Menke, K.T. Bryophytes (212)
 PH Special Collection- Muhlenberg, G.H.E. (303)
 PH Special Collection- Schweinitz Fungi (3)
 PH Special Collection- White, John (1)
 PH Type Collection (23617)
 PH Type Collection- Algae (74)
 PH Type Collection- Bryophytes (365)
 PH Type Collection- Fungi (1079)
 PH Type Collection- Lichens (182)

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